Saturday 21st September 2014 worksheet activity and storytelling with the kids!!

With wondering and inquisitive look, the kids seemed quite happy and excited.

We started with a storytelling session. The story was about six blind men and an elephant. The idea behind reading the story was to build their interest in reading, increasing vocabulary and imparting moral values.

All the children enjoyed the story session thoroughly. After winding up with the story, a worksheet was distributed among all the children and instructions were given to them about attempting it.

They were provided crayons to colour the correct box. The worksheet was about recognizing the fruits and vegetables, counting them and colouring the correct box no.

At first attempt only two kids could manage to do worksheet correctly.

Another chance was given to them. Most of the kids could manage to get it correctly at second attempt.

The idea of doing worksheet activity was to inculcate the habit of following instructions, checking with them on their counting and learning in a fun way.

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