Road Rage Quiz


Can you keep your cool on the Road? Are you a Road Rager?
Take this quiz to know if you are a Road Rager or a Road Sager.



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Does suddenly being overtaken by a speeding vehicle on an empty road annoys you?

Do cyclists or bikes crossing you at red lights frustrates you?

Does it frustrates you if someone drives very close to your vehicle?

Do you get frustrated when traffic lights suddenly turns red as you approach them?

Do you get irritated to see someone using mobile phone while driving?

Do you consider yourself as a better driver?

Are you usually impatient during the traffic peak hours?

When irritated by sudden traffic jams, are you tempted to use your horn knowingly that there is no way out?

Does loud music from another car annoys you?

Are you tempted to use aggressive expressions if someone suddenly appears in front of your car when stuck in a slow moving traffic?