medical camp in Gurgaon-Mehaan Charitable Foundation

At Mehaan Charitable Foundation, we conduct various awareness programme for providing basic education on health and hygiene. Focussing the issues regarding knowledge sharing, prevention and control, risk factors associated with diseases and education for a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits. The main criteria is to be, reduce target disease patterns in the visiting areas.

Our Objectives:

Conducting free medical camps, providing basic health awareness sessions mainly to underprivileged and poor population. Imparting knowledge about various health schemes started by Govt. for poor population. Providing structured training for conducting health awareness sessions and building alliances with other social welfare organizations.

Our Policy on health awareness

Why health is an important issue?

India’s the largest contributor to the annual global tally of deaths of children under five years old – nearly 2 million. Our primary focus is on triggering a community level mechanism which can sensitize every community and each and every family to understand the importance of all basic essential care and services related to maternal, new born, child health and nutrition. This also includes developing coordination between sectors like Integrated Child Development Services Scheme, Department of Health and Family Welfare and Panchayat Raj Institutions. To reach grass-root level, we organize various free health camps and training to health workers with health awareness sessions in the programme area to deliver maternal, newborn, child health and nutrition services with improved quality.

The focus of child survival policies and programmes is to bring about a significant improvement in immortality and under nutrition rates. We support the public health and nutrition delivery system while directly reducing neonatal, infant and child mortality rates in areas of operation.

Our objective is to reduce levels of malnutrition in children & to improve newborn and maternal health. We aim to steer the behavior of communities towards better child health and nutrition practices.

We would like to generate public pressure and visible expressions of support for the issue by mobilizing 5 million people, including youth (urban and rural) and children, to take action and create a political and social environment to achieve MDG 4.

Our overall strategy is based on the premise that we can and should help to save children’s lives through our direct work.

What we Do?

Strengthen community involvement and role of civil society partnerships with India’s health systems through advocacy and capacity building Educating people about various health schemes initiated by government for poor and underprivileged population.

  • Capacity building of community health workers on maternal and child health nutrition.
  • Addressing the problem of hidden hunger (i-e micro nutrient deficiencies majorly vitamin A, Iron and Iodine)
  • Maternal & Child Health awareness.