Child education is also necessary to curb child labour, exploitation and trafficking. There are many legislation’s along with prohibitions and bans to protect children. However, MCF believes that mere protection against evils like child labour, child trafficking and exploitation, etc. is not enough. By far the greatest reason for child labour is poverty and less or no support for education.
MCF is focussing to work towards the effective implementation of the Right to Education Act and existing government programmes through grass root community groups and by networking with other underprivileged schools in its focus areas.
We also through our volunteers have initiated the step of bringing awareness among the parents of the poor children the importance of education and why they should support their children for education?

Timely visits and counselling by our volunteers have had a huge impact and we were able to get these kids get admissions  either to nearby charitable run institutions or Government schools.


Saturday Activity:

We have been running saturday activity plan since September 2014. Every Saturday, we plan new interactive ways of Imparting them education varying from storytelling, Tangagrams , Origami, UNICEF resource sheets to enhance their creative learning and build confidence among them.This program have been quite engaging and provided much enthusiasm among children wherein they are learning things beyond their school curriculum.

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