MCF organized Awareness Campaign about disaster struck Floodshit area in Jammu and Kashmir.These Awareness Campaigns were carried by distributing information flyers about the floods and the medicines needed for the survivor’s. This further helped MCF to gather financial support for Jammu and Kashmir survivor’s which was used to provide medical aid to them.


a). Awareness campaign done in Rahgiri in Gurgaon on 7th September 2014. Addressing the general public about the incidence of health hazards that mainly occur during the floods hit areas. How and what we can do to minimize the death toll? Raising funds and gathering support how and why it is necessary?

b). Awareness campaign done in collaboration with Leaders For Tommorow team in Mata sundri college in Delhi, on 31st September 2014. MCF team of volunteers Educated the youth about the causes and prevention of floods. Medicines and sanitary napkins were donated by the volunteers.
These collection was further handed over to our active team working for the Jammu and kashmir floods.

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