Mehaan Charitable Foundation (MCF) is manifestation of holistic model of social welfare endeavors, which emphasize the need to alleviate the economic and social burdens that exacerbate the basic structure of our society.
The main perspective of MCF is to focus on issues relating to: Health care, Women Empowerment, Child Safety, Global Public Awareness issues like: Poverty, Education, Women and Child Health Programs and Malnutrition.

Dr Shivani Pall- Mehaan Charitable Foundation

Dr. Shivani Pall

Dr. Shivani Pall an MBA, Ph.D. s the Founder Chairperson of Mehaan Charitable Foundation. She is a staunch humanist and an optimist believes that her adherence to the social welfare activities is not only related to building societal values but also should have strong foundation for human support and compassion.

She positively believes, that we are here to serve the humanity in best possible way and to do that is to have an organization whose vision and mission is strongly laid on humanitarian values.

Dr. Anuj Pall

Dr. Anuj Pall M.D, Ph.D., Head Trustee of Mehaan Charitable Foundation is a renowned Dermatologist in Gurgaon. He is very passionate about serving people and has provided his support all through this endeavor to shape this organisation into right kind of Charitable Foundation.His perfect vision and spectacular precision has helped a lot in framing the guidelines of this foundation.

Dermatologist in gurgaon

Initiatives: MCF is actively involved in the following initiatives: