Mehaan Charitable Foundation has been actively conducting free medical camps, providing basic health awareness sessions and imparting knowledge about various health schemes started by government for poor population. Presently, we are also concentrating on providing structured training for conducting health awareness sessions and building alliances with other social welfare organizations.

Medical camps:

MCF offers free medical camps for the poor and needy people focussing on the key areas:

– Screening of patients in targeted areas
– Diagnosing and treatment
– Awareness, early detection & prevention of diseases
– Distribution of free medicines
– Maternal & Child Health
These medical camps are basically organized in schools run for underprivileged kids, Ashrams, Orphanages, Shelter homes and old age homes. Also providing timely and free specialized consultation to the chronic and critical patients.

Health Awareness sessions: 

MCF is planning to start various free health awareness sessions and trainings to social welfare organizations, schools providing education to underprivileged children and volunteers. The core structure would involve basic issues like:

– Educating about risk free behavior and harmful effects of consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
– Educating about basic health and hygiene.
– Injury prevention and emergency handling.
– Educating about mental and emotional health.
– Nutrition and its importance.
– Prevention of diseases
– Sexuality and family life.
– Educating about various government health schemes for poor people.


MCF conducted medical camps at Lotus Petal Foundation School and Anand Ashram in Gurgaon.

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