Spreading love and 

community bonding

Events and festivals are celebrated throughout the year.For underprivileged people, due to financial constraints these celebration do not carry any value. MCF therefore organized special celebrations for them.


a).  Republic day and Independence day:

We are proud we could celebrate the days of National importance both Republic day and Independence day.  We believe it is important to Educate Children about the days of National importance thus building unity among them and educating them about Our National Leaders.


b). Diwali celebration:

MCF could mange to spread happiness on Diwali day, where kids were able to indulge in Diya lightening, rangoli making and Tattoo art.Through various volunteers we were able to spread happiness to the street kids also. Diwali celebration took a whole new meaning when we saw the great smile on the faces of these kids as we distributed Gift Pack to them.

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