Road Rage Awareness Campaign.

From abusive language smothering to a more tolerant gesture does take lot of courage and it only comes from letting go and being tolerant.

Blame it on aggressive driving, speed, alcohol or stress.

But the most important aspect which is often ignored is the fact people tend to react instantly  instead of  trying to comprehend the situation.


Reasons for road rage invariably arise due to the following factors:

 1. Increase in vehicle count which leads to traffic congestion.

2. Unmaintained roads.

3. Breaking traffic rules.

4. Zig- Zag driving.

5. Deliberately blocking the way.

6. Lack of tolerance.

7. High speeding.

8. Tailgating while overtaking.

9. Time pressure.

The result of the above listed  situations leads to verbal altercation then often escalates to physical confrontation.

It is thus very important to keep your calm,put aside your aggression and wear a humble smile.

Steps to avoid Road Rage:

Learn , Educate and Proceed.

1. Understand Traffic Waves – When you understand what traffic waves are, you can easily dissolve them.

2. Prevent Traffic Jams – By understanding what causes traffic jams, you can actually prevent them.

3. Stay Calm – It’s easy to stay calm during stressful traffic situations, when you understand what makes you stressful.

4. Do the Math – There’s an easy math system (you can do in your head) that proves that only few seconds can possibly be saved while driving in a city, so it is therefore pointless to try to hurry.

5. Be Predictable – Sudden movements cause accidents. Steady, predictable movements give others a chance to react.

6. Time Traffic Lights – Timing traffic lights so that you don’t have to stop, will reduce stress and equipment wear.

7. Expect the Expected – Getting cut-off on the highway is so commonplace now, you should really be expecting it.

8. Compensate for the Ignorant – Take pride in the fact that you are one of the few who gets it. Then, you will feel sorry for ignorant drivers, instead of getting mad at them.

9. Teach Others – Help spread the word so that everyone will learn to prevent traffic jams, rather than cause them. Everyone who drives, whether it’s a car or a truck, needs to learn how to prevent traffic jams.

10. Make Sure an Accident is Never your Fault.

These simple rules will keep you in the right frame all the time. Pound these simple things into your head and you will never have an accident that is your fault.

Pledge: I will not give into the Road Rage.

Have you come across such incidence of road rage or faced one? Do you feel the urge of changing things around?
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Wear a smile, forgive and forget nobody will try to harm you deliberately.


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