Medical Camp at Anand Ashram, Old Berhampur village

It all began with the weather pouring out its goodness, it looked though we were blessed with showers.Infact little delayed we managed to reach our destination Anand Ashram, old Berhampur village. Anand ashram is quite cut off place from the city’s hustle n bustle.

This ashram takes care of the orphans who are suffering from neurological disorder, some of them are handicapped and like small babies drooling. This is run by missionaries of mother Teresa’s organization. We experienced a different world altogether where so much warmth and love was stored. Though physically grown these adults had brains of a small child, some of them can’t even say a word, they cannot take care of themselves on their own and needed constant assistance to be seated and get their checkup done.

We started the medical camp around 1:30 by planting Tulsi. The idea of planting Tulsi plant was that Tulsi leaves act as immunity boosters and is proven to be very beneficial for neurological disorder patients, so with full support of funds from our volunteer organization La Skinnovita, we could at least plant 40 Tulsi plants. Our volunteers so called our gems showed lots of patience inclusive of the doctors who were present there to render their time, care and service.

Eventually we finished screening the patients around 4:30 pm testing their vision, strength, coordination, reflexes and sensations, about four cases were reported that needed special consultation one being a heart patient. We have prepared a detailed list of the patients with their vital stats, diagnosis and hope to provide further medical assistance to the patient who need specialized consultation and treatment. After finishing up with the patients and providing them medicines, we also distributed the daily required materials like clothes, food materials, toiletries and other utilities which were donated by our supporters and volunteers. Certificate of gratitude was also distributed to the volunteers with respect to the appreciation of their efforts.

We are very thankful to the team of our volunteers and our staff members for making this event much successful.Many wishes with humble gratitude Mehaan charitable foundation pledges to do more such kind of projects in the coming future.

Lend a hand, lift a soul!!!

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