Lend a hand, collection camp for Kashmir floods on 29th sept 2014 at Deen Dayal Updhyay Park, New Delhi.

This event was organised by Mehaan Charitable Foundation ( MCF) in collaboration  with Leaders For Tomorrow ‘ s  ( LFT)team. All the girl students of MSCW were pre informed about the agenda of this event. Posters of support and solidarity were displayed by the volunteers inDeen Dayal Updhyay Park, New Delhi.

 After the formal introduction, MCF team was given the authority to lead the event.  A brief talk highlighting causes of floods and their prevention, occurrence of health hazards and safety measures to be followed in the flood hit areas was delivered. Each volunteer contributed their donations either by bringing sanitary napkins, non prescribed medicines or both. At the end of the event a handprint of all the volunteers were taken on chart papers relating to solidarity and support  for the flood victims. 

MCF is glad enough to meet young and enthusiastic Leaders For Tomorrow’s team. Their support and willingness to stay over for the event after the college  in sunny afternoon truly stands out to show their compassionate spirit and solidarity.

 Joining hands for such a cause is sure a great sign of humanity.
 With love,
 MCF Team
 Lend a hand, lift a soul!

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